Queenstown Zipline

Queenstown Zipline

Enjoy the mesmerizing view during Zipline ride
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Zipline Queenstown

Get ready to race with your friends to reach the finish line first in the exciting ziplining in Queenstown. During the race, you will zoom over the unique forest and smile/scream with excitement. Before beginning the zipline, you will be given proper instruction on riding a zipline and safety via a guide. Every zipline runs parallel to one another, so you can quickly race with your friends and family. On the top of Bob’s Peak in Queenstown, you can have a unique zip-lining experience. With a perfect ariel experience, you can experience the ride to the gondola on the top of the hill and then fly via the tress as fast or slow as you wish. You can specify the speed. While doing the amazing ziplining, you can enjoy the pristine mountain air and learn about the great New Zealand environment. Zip lining begins at Kawarau Zip ride, which is just 20 minutes from Queenstown and is very popular. The famous zip line allows a tandem or single ride where up to 6 people can ride at once. During the ride, you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Kawarau river and fantastic flora and fauna.

Book Zipline Queenstown Online

Zipline in Queenstown tickets can be booked online to avoid waiting in the long queue. With online booking, you can also get amazing offers where you can get a chance to save money.

After booking the tickets, you can expect

  • Easy cancellation and refund policy
  • Easy discount options
  • Queenstown Zipline operates all around the year, so you can book tickets anytime
  • Zipline is available for both beginners and experienced people.
  • All safety equipment cost is included in the ticket, so you do not have to pay any extra amount
  • You can save money while booking the tickets if you come in a group.
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Zipline Queenstown Package Options

Queenstown Zipline
3-Hour Zipline Adventure with 6-Lines

Daring and brave adventurists always choose the adventurous 3-Hour Zipline Adventure with 6-Lines. This tour gives a high-flying thrill on one of the fastest and longest zip lines. Tourists can also enjoy the jaw-dropping trek across the incredible suspension bridge. This is the best zip line to race with your friends and family.

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Queenstown Zipline
1-Hour Zipline Tour with 2-Lines & 21-Meter Drop

Experience the zipline in Queenstown excitingly and amazingly. Whether you are looking for a heightened thrill level or short on time, the 1-Hour Zipline Tour with 2-Lines & 21-Meter Drop can be done in just an hour. The zipline will take you through the treetops via the two breathtaking ziplines in Queenstown. After the zipline, you can also enjoy 10 minute uphill walk via Tiki Trail.

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Queenstown Zipline
2-Hour Zipline Tour with 4-Lines

The 2-Hour Zipline Tour with 4-Lines is a beautiful start to the adventurous experience in Queenstown. Ride to this zipline will take you to forests on four incredible ziplines and offer you a stunning view of the remarkable mountain range and Lake Wakatipu. So, harness up and enjoy the wind of our face while you glide down the beautiful zipline.

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Queenstown Zipline
Wine Tour with Zipline, Golf & Boat Options

Enjoy central Otago’s scenic wine country on your tour to Queenstown, which includes a fantastic visit to 3 wineries and the Gibbston wine region. You can also take a stunning ride via the rugged Kawarau Gorge, offering a tremendous view of AJ Hackett Bungy bridge, Lake Wakatipu, etc. You can also enjoy a tour of the largest wine cave and learn about the vineyard owners.

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Why Go For Zipline Queenstown?

Queenstown Zipline
  • Fun: Whizzing via the air at a speed you can only achieve in a car, high up in the air, above treetops, is simple fun and excitement. It will feel like riding in an amusement park, but with a zipline, in Queenstown, it will only be you without any transport vehicle.
  • Challenge: It is not easy for a human being to step off from a high altitude into the void of air. Even after wearing some safety gear, your brain will surely put some restrictions. So, gear up and challenge your fear.
  • Beauty: Enjoy the beauty of amazing rivers, mountains, flora, and fauna surrounding the zipline route. The zipline will surely pay off with the spell-bounding bird’s eye view.
  • Convenience: The zipline Queenstown is easy to reach. You can reach the destination in a few minutes from Queenstown. The route to the zipline location is simple, and you can also get local transport to go to the place.
  • Value: With a fantastic zip line experience, you can quickly get the absolute value of the zipline. Gear up and enjoy the zipline ride.
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Know Before You GO Zipline Queenstown

Essential Tips
Other Essential Info

  • Wear bug repellent and sunscreen as the zipline will take you to places like the depth of forests where you can encounter some intense sun rays or bugs.
  • For safety, purpose does not take selfies. It is recommended not to carry a phone during the ride.
  • Make sure your pockets are empty, as things may fly out of your pockets. Also, you should not carry expensive gadgets, wallets, or other precious items during the zipline ride.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothes. If you are not sure what exactly to wear, then it is recommended to wear breathable/loose clothes, or you can also wear gym clothes.
  • Always wear close-toed shoes while riding a zipline. If you wear flip-flops, you may lose them during the ride.
  • Do not eat heavy food just before the ride, as you may not feel comfortable. You should eat light before and after the ride to have a wonderful experience.
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Is Zipline safe for first-timers?

Zip lines have a reputation for being safe and fun, but there is always some associated risk that everyone should be aware of. Most injuries occur in younger people; however, with the help of safety features, you can now enjoy a safe zipline experience at Queenstown Zipline.

What is the optimum weight limit required for Zipline Queenstown?

To protect people from danger, Queenstown Zipline comes with weight restrictions. So, the rider who is light in weight may stop in the middle of the line and the riders who are heavy may reach the lading platform very quickly, resulting in severe injuries. So, the ideal weight should be 60 to 275 pounds to get the best experience.

What are the other adventure activities to do in Queenstown?

  • Queenstown snowmobile tour
  • Skiing and snowboarding at the Southern Alps, Queenstown
  • Riding the Luge at Skyline Queenstown
  • Quad Biking with off-road adventures
  • Ben Lomond Horse trekking
  • White water rafting at Shot over the river
  • Kayaking at Moke Lake
  • River Surfing at Kawarau River
  • The Shot over Jet & Hydro Attack
  • Paragliding or Hang – gliding at Sky trek
  • Riding up the Skyline Gobdola
  • Skydiving with NZONE
  • Bungy Jumping

What kind of fitness is required for ziplining in Queenstown?

Typically ziplines are friendly to riders with different levels of physical abilities. If you do gym regularly, you will not feel any stress, else you may feel little stress on the knees and ankles, but it will go in a while. So, a regular person can enjoy the wonderful experience of Zipline without any worry about fitness.

What is the longest zipline in New Zealand?

2-Hour Zipline Tour with 4-Lines is the longest zipline in New Zealand, where you can experience the adrenaline rush of racing via the forest as you fly down the amazingly longest Queenstown Zipline. This 2.5 hours of zipline will offer breathtaking views and is a perfect option for adventure lovers.