Jet Boat Queenstown

Jet Boat Queenstown

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Jet Boat Queenstown

Jet boat Queenstown combines an exhilarating activity with the stunning and dramatic landscapes of Queenstown. Hold on tight as you feel the Jet boat skim over the waters and take gut wrenching twists and turns along the Rivers. Enjoy the magnificent views of the imposing canyons, majestic peaks of the Remarkables mountain range and beautiful wilderness of Queenstown as you course over the white rapids on your fast paced Jet boats. The stunning scenery is an added bonus to an extremely exciting and fast paced activity.
Brace yourself for this 25 to 30 minutes jet boat ride which is pure adrenaline as you course through the River at 95 kmph and take 360 degree turns in waters as shallow as 10 cm. You can even combine your jet boat ride in Queenstown with another adventure activity like river rafting, a wilderness exploration tour, a funyak canoe tour and many others.

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Jet Boat Queenstown is one of the most exhilarating adventure activities in Queenstown and adrenaline junkies from all over the world visits Queenstown for this. Hold on to your seats as the driver of your jet boat navigates the narrow canyons and sharp twists and turns of the River. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the cliffs and snow capped mountain peaks as you skim over the white rapids. Book your tickets online in advance to ensure a confirmed ticket on the date you plan to indulge this activity. Pre booking your tickets will also make sure you don't waste your precious vacation time waiting in line for your tickets. Booking online will also get you great deals and discounts making your tour a profitable one.

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Package Options for Jet Boat Queenstown

Jet Boat Queenstown
Queenstown Jet 1 Hour Ride on Lake Wakatipu and Kawarau River

With the jet boat ride in Queenstown you get to explore and speed around lake Wakatipu and alone the Kawarau River as you experience the thrill of the twists and turns of the river and going over Rapids. While riding the jet boats you get to enjoy the stunning scenery of the cliffs and gorges of Lake Wakatipu and Kawarau River.

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Jet Boat Queenstown
Queenstown Jet 25-minute Jet Boat ride

With this ride you get to discover the untouched and pristine beauty of the wilderness around Queenstown. This exhilarating experience of 25 minutes ride on a fast paced jet boat will take you on 360 degree spin as you skim over the water at the speed of 95 km per hour. If you have time to catch your breath you will be able to see the beautiful snow-capped mountains and the spectacular river Canyons as you zip past them.

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Jet Boat Queenstown
Shotover River Extreme Jet Boat Ride in Queenstown

Get your adrenaline high with this extreme jet boat ride in the famous Shotover River in Queenstown. As the jet boat skims, spins and fishtails into 360 degree turns feel the rush of adrenaline course through you. Hold on to your seats as the jet boat driver goes over the white water Rapids and passes through narrow walls of the canyons that lines the Shotover river

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Jet Boat Queenstown
Queenstown 60-minute Jet Boat Ride on the Shotover & Kawarau Rivers

Get your heart racing with this exhilarating 1 hour jet boat ride in the Shotover and Kawarau river. Hold on tight as the jet boat takes you on a high speed rollercoaster ride over the water. On this route you will get amazing views of the famous Remarkables Mountain Range.

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Jet Boat Queenstown
Queenstown Kawarau River Rafting and Jet Boat

With this package you get to combine two of the most iconic adventure activities of Queenstown. You start with a jet boat ride in Queenstown as you discover the Kawarau river and it's scenic wilderness. Next you jump straight onto a raft and get on with another adrenaline pumping activity with the Queenstown river rafting team as you complete the last section of the ride

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Jet Boat Queenstown
Private Arrival Transfer: Queenstown Airport to Hotel by Jet Boat

With this package choose to enter Queenstown on a private jet boat down the Kawarau river as you zip over water while heading towards your Queenstown hotel. With this jet boat ride in Queenstown you get to directly board the jet boat as you step out of the airport itself and enroute to the hotel to enjoy the high-speed ride as well as the fantastic view of the Remarkables Mountain range.

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Know Before You Go Jet Boat Queenstown

Essential Information

  • Location: No 3, Arthurs Point, Gorge Road, Queenstown.

  • Timings: Jet Boat Queenstown operates 7 days a week and the office is open from 9am till 5 pm. The jet boat trips run every hour right from 10 am till 4 pm. If the weather and river conditions permit.

  • How to Get There: Self drive: the river base is located on Gorge road at 3 Arthurs Point and you can easily drive there. You will need to travel on Gorge Road heading towards Arthur's point and Coronet Peak, continue on this road till you come across a large one lane Bridge known as the Edith Cavell Bridge. Cross the Bridge and you will reach your destination. Shuttle service: There is a complimentary shuttle service that operates specially just for the 11 am and 3 pm jet boat rides. Customers will need to report at the desk 45 minutes before the trip time

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Why go for Jet Boat Queenstown

Jet Boat Queenstown
  • Jet Boat Queenstown ride is one of the most exhilarating and adrenaline pumping adventure sports in Queenstown.
  • Visitors come from all over the world to experience this thrilling activity as you feel the Jet boat take 360 degree spins on the white rapids of the rivers.
  • If you love speed and adventure then a Jet boat ride in Queenstown is an unmissable activity.
  • Feel the adrenaline high as your fast paced Jet boat speeds around corners, skims over the rapids and squeezes past narrow canyons that surround the Kawarau River and the famous Shotover River.
  • The ride is further enhanced with the stunning views of the surrounding area like the snow capped peaks of the Remarkables mountain range.
  • You can combine these Jet boat rides with another adventure like water rafting, or you can choose to enter Queenstown in style by getting on a Jet boat right from the airport then head to your hotel.
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FAQs for Jet Boat Queenstown

What would be the best time to go for a Jet Boat Queenstown ride?

Jet Boat rides in Queenstown can be enjoyed any time of the year but the best time to go on this adventurous ride is during the summer months between December to February as the weather is perfect for it.

Do you need to book Jet Boat Queenstown tickets in advance?

It is best to book Jet Boat Queenstown tickets in advance to make sure you get your tickets without standing in an endless line. By booking these tickets in advance you will get many offers and your own date of the tour.

What is special about Jet Boat Queenstown?

Jet Boat Queenstown is the best way to explore the wild Rivers of this region. You can skim over the water, enjoy the swishing of the jet boat around corners and go past narrow rocky gorges on a high speed jet boat. You can pick from white water rides to wilderness tours or even combo packages followed by other activities.

What is the ticket price for Jet Boat Queenstown?

Prices of the Jet boat Queenstown tour starts from 150 NZD to about 300 NZD depending on the package, route and the combo Deals you choose

What is the maximum no. of people allowed in Jet Boat Queenstown ride?

The maximum number of people allowed on the Jet Boat ride in Queenstown is 14.

Are the Jet Boat Queenstown tickets price same for everyone?

No, pricing varies from age to age as children from ages 5 - 14 you will be paying child pricing while children between the ages of 2 to 4 are allowed complimentary seating on board with a paying and attending adult onboard. Adults and senior citizens have different rates.